Shooting Pad

3,000 Sqft Shooting Facility NOW OPEN on 2nd floor of Chesswood arena!

Our state of the art shooting facility is great for individual players and entire teams alike. When it comes to learning how to shoot, our instructors are second to none. Whether you come for

1 session or a 10 pack, you will be sure to learn many new tips on how to shoot harder, more accurate and quicker. For serious hockey players, we recommend attending our shooting pad as frequently as possible, this ensures progression in the things you are learning.

Our professional staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of shooting including; wrist shots, slap shots, snap shots, backhanders, 1-timers, quick releases and accuracy.

On our shooting range, players can also practice; stick handling, deking, head fakes, passing and scoring.

Our shooting range is ideal for anything you can do with a puck!!!