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Join Our Hockey Lessons in Toronto and Boost Your Hockey Skills

Do you love hockey and want to improve your skills? If so, you should join our hockey school in Toronto, where we offer hockey lessons for all levels and ages. Our hockey school is run by experienced coaches who will help you learn the fundamentals of the game, as well as advanced techniques and strategies. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, you will find our hockey lessons fun, challenging and rewarding. You will also get to meet other hockey enthusiasts and make new friends. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your hockey game to the next level. Contact us today to enroll in our hockey school in Toronto and start your hockey journey with us.
ggh ice hockey group & team classes

Group Hockey Lessons

The focus of group lessons is to promote the love of physical activity while laying the foundation for enjoyment of the sport that we all love and call ice hockey. The hockey students will be challenged in a fun and educational setting on ice, and learn to skate and play hockey efficiently; emphasizing agility, balance, coordination while participating in a variety of ice hockey specific drills, activities and games. This program will educate hockey players on many aspects of ice hockey. This includes skating technique, puck handling, hockey shooting, ice hockey tactics, fitness and and more.
The focus of private / small group lessons is to focus all attention on one or a small group of hockey players. The hockey player(s) will have constant focus from coaching staff on all the details of ice hockey that is hard to get from team practices.
We will focus on breaking down any improper hockey habits, and re-teaching the proper techniques in all areas of ice hockey; hockey skating, puck handling, shooting to score, game situations, hockey IQ, and more.
Need to practice and master a hockey specific skill in a private setting with maximum progress?
Which foot goes first when making a turn full speed? What is the proper hand placement with the hockey stick when skating, turning, and shooting pucks? How do you use inside and outside edges, and when do you use them?
Register for a private lesson, and improve your individual skills at a faster rate than in a team setting.
private small group ice hockey lessons at ggh toronto
body checking and proper body positioning class

Body Checking, Hitting & Angling Classes

Body contact is a large part of hockey at higher competitive levels. Body checking is meant to be able to physically separate the opposing player from the puck on the ice. It is important to know how to properly give and receive body contact while staying competitive, efficient, and safe.
The focus of hitting and angling classes is in building of physical literacy through continued development of proper physical contact skills. This is a critical stage for hockey players, as it sets the foundation for preparation to be compete safely and efficiently at rep and higher levels such as AA, AAA, JR, Pro. This stage can help determine if the hockey player has an opportunity to compete at a high international level in the future. This is the stage where “you make or break an athlete” by doing the right thing at the right time of the athlete’s development. The goal of this program is to assist in the development of safe and proper body placement and contact both for giving and receiving body checks in the game of hockey.

On-ice Video Sessions

The focus of on-ice video sessions are to allow the hockey player the opportunity to visually see themselves from a different angle of view, and learn more about their ice hockey tendencies, strengths, weaknesses, habits, and to improve in all aspects of hockey.
We have the capability to take footage of your hockey games and hockey training. We will analyze the footage and help you learn and track your progress. We also offer custom hockey video highlight edits for scouting purposes.
Contact us to sign up and for more info.
coach Nic at Golden Glide Hockey coaching a young hockey player in Chesswood Arena, Toronto

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