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Golden Glide Hockey Videos Collection Vault

Mark Giordano – former Captain of the Calgary Flames / Current Defence man for the Toronto Maple Leafs – working out at our Hockey Facility

Hitting aka body checking is an important skill to learn in hockey when one wants to progress to higher hockey levels. In order to decrease the chance of injury to one self and others around, it is important to learn how to properly give and receive a clean body check. We focus on proper body positioning, spatial awareness, and overall body strength in order to be ready for physicality in hockey.

We have accumulated a few hockey videos of our hockey school throughout the years. So, why not create a fun highlight reel to showcase our school? Have a look, let us know what you think! We worked really hard on this one, no seriously, we are hockey players and hockey coaches, not professional video editors, but honestly this video could have the potential to win a Canadian Juno one day!
Anyways, let’s get back on the ice, eh?

Private lesson

GGH will conduct video analysis for any hockey skill, and provide each participant a take home DVD with the comments.

Golden Glide Hockey Synthetic Ice Fitness

Golden Glide Hockey School has developed the most innovative hockey specific fitness program. This program is designed for elite level hockey players to train all year round in full equipment targeting core strength, stability, power, flexibility, endurance, and coordination.

Synthetic Ice Hockey Training

Located on the 2nd Floor of Chesswood Arena in Toronto, Canada, Golden Glide Hockey School uses synthetic ice as a tool to train hockey players.

Body Sculpting Class 2

Golden Glide Fitness trains athletes using unorthodox techniques.

Golden Glide Hockey School Promo

Golden Glide Hockey is a professional hockey school located in Toronto, Canada. The specialize in all aspect of hockey.

Manny Malhotra Training

Golden Glide Hockey training NHL player Manny Malhotra

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